A Smile Makeover in just one visit? It’s possible!

Written by Scripps West Dental

A Smile Makeover In Just One Visit? It’S Possible!

An imperfect smile can negatively affect the way a patient feels about themselves. It can cause them to feel self-conscious, embarrassed and even make them avoid situations where photos may be taken because of their appearance. Your smile is the first impression you give to others, so it should be a great one! If you struggle with the appearance of imperfections of the smile and are considering a smile makeover, the team at Scripps West Dental can help!

What is a smile makeover?

Our dentist in Mira Mesa is pleased to offer smile makeovers. A smile makeover is a way to drastically improve the appearance of the teeth and gums for a more attractive look. These aesthetic treatments are customized to a patient’s unique needs. During an evaluation with the team of Scripps West Dental, patients can undergo an assessment and discuss with a professional the areas of concern within their smiles. Whether it’s gapped teeth or a chipped tooth, we can help. We assess the patient’s current smile and then make recommendations regarding the treatments that might be included in a smile makeover. While some patients may choose to have their cosmetic treatments done over the course of time, others want same-day results. Is this possible? Absolutely! The team at Scripps West Dental is pleased to provide restorative and cosmetic solutions that offer same-day improvements!

What treatments are integrated into a smile makeover?

Every smile makeover is customized for each individual patient based on their unique needs. During an evaluation, patients can talk about the areas of concern that they would like improved. Then, our dentists will speak with the individual about the treatments that can help. Some of the services that might be provided in a patient’s dental plan may include:

•             Dental implants

•             Dental crowns

•             Professional teeth whitening

•             Porcelain veneers

•             Composite resin bonding

•             Tooth-colored fillings

•             Inlays and onlays

•             Dental bridges

•             Dentures

The smile makeover, or “smile design,” is a plan put together by our dental team for patients to consider to enhance their appearance. By using one or more of the above treatments and services, patients can achieve the dream smile they’ve always wanted! Tooth replacement and enhancement are at the forefront of a smile makeover, ensuring patients feel confident when they share their smiles with others.

How long does a smile makeover take?

With the right treatments being performed, many patients can have their smile makeover completed in just one visit. This is common when patients require dental bonding and professional teeth whitening. Other treatments, such as the fabrication of a denture or dental bridge, may take longer due to the process needed to create these restorations. We offer same-day dental crowns in Mira Mesa thanks to digital dentistry in San Diego, CA. Patients might also want to spread out their treatments if they do not have dental insurance coverage and want to pay as they go to properly afford their smile makeover, while others can ask our front office team about financing options. Regardless of the choice you make, our team has the services available to enhance the smile’s appearance, health, and function.

Will my new smile look natural?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on not only treatments that improve the appearance of the smile but do so in a way that looks completely natural. We use a wide range of techniques and materials that are known for providing seamless integration into the smile. Veneers in Mira Mesa and other cosmetic treatments always blend in with the smile, thanks to the color matching capabilities of our team.

Are you looking for a dental practice with today’s advanced technologies?

Improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to take a lot of time. If you are considering a smile makeover with the team at Scripps West Dental, do not hesitate to contact the office today by calling (858) 293-1007. We are located at 9420 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Suite D in San Diego, CA and accept new patients and families.

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